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We really appreciate your inquiry about our services.
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At PGT Restoration, our customer service representatives are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and training. They are capable of addressing any questions, concerns, and needs that our customers may have, and can visit them as needed.
We offer pickup and delivery services for customers in Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and West LA. These services are available during our regular business hours, Monday to Friday.
To learn more or to schedule a pickup, please give us a call.


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PGT Restoration Company

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Arranging for pickup and delivery services has never been more straightforward with our company. Our "We Come To You" service is both effortless and convenient. You'll receive updates when your orders are prepared; all you have to do is leave your clothes in a bag in your designated area. Your garments will be returned to you promptly, cleaned, and fresh.

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